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I am a lawyer by day, though I have always had the soul of an artist. As Michael Kirby – once a judge – observed, “great lawyers are failed poets.”

I discovered storytelling in 2017 while attending a Snap Judgment show in Washington, DC. I remember sitting in the audience completely hypnotized. I felt at home instantly. The combination of writing and public speaking was exactly what I was looking for as a medium for self-expression. I took my first storytelling class shortly afterward and have been diligently growing as a storyteller ever since.

In March 2019, I was selected as one of nine storytellers to perform at Story District's Tuesday Show in Washington DC, attended by 400 people. The performance of my #metoo story, an emotional and vulnerable experience, received a standing ovation, a rare occurrence at such shows.


Additionally, I've been directing and producing a tango storytelling show with Tango Mercurio, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization I led as Board Chair for four years. The show provides an opportunity for our community of dancers to tell stories about how tango has impacted their lives. 

One theme is common to all my work: the transformation of pain into beauty. I use my own painful life experiences to create beautiful stories of resilience, forgiveness, personal transcendence, and love. I believe that the answer to pain is to transcend it, to turn it into stories filled with meaning and beauty.

Sadec 1965 is my first solo storytelling show. 

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