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The Story

How can we find true, sustained love when we failed to receive it? This is the question Sadec 1965 answers.


After discovering that her estranged father has cancer, Flora undertakes a six-week solo motorcycle trip through Vietnam to make sense of their difficult relationship. Her search for answers takes her on an incredible journey through time and space, allowing her memories to fill with new meaning.

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The Father

Flora's father left behind his country, his family and his lover during the Vietnam War in search of a better future in Canada. When Le Dai Do left Vietnam in August 1967, one bag in his hand and $200 in travelers' checks in his pocket, he knew he might never come back. His immigration was a one-way ticket to Canada. 

Like many immigrants, he kept his past in Vietnam an enigma.

The Journey

In early 2014, Flora rode 3,300 km (2,100 miles) across the entirety of Vietnam on a motorcycle.




She started north to Sa Pa, then along the Chinese border to the coast at Ha Long Bay, before turning southward to trace the Ho Chi Minh Trail through the Central Highlands, visiting Phong Nha, Hue, Danang, Hoi An, and Dalat before Saigon, My Tho and Can Tho. She ended in Sadec, a small town in the Mekong Delta from where Le Dai Do immigrated so many years before.


The journey took six weeks. 

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