• Flora Le

A Little Adventure in Cat Ba

I arrived at my hotel in the early evening. After dropping off my luggage, I immediately went to the office of Asia Outdoors, a company that organizes outdoor sports activities on the island. They specialize in rock climbing.

The company was founded by two avid American climbers who saw in this island a huge potential for rock climbing. They have now developed nearly 75 climbing routes spread over three sites. They are also known worldwide for their deep-water soloing routes, a type of climbing practiced on cliffs without equipment, using water as protection in case of fall. Apparently, the most beautiful routes in the region use this method.

I opted for the combo of kayaking in the morning and climbing in the afternoon. I was thrilled.

The day started with a boat ride to get a little further into the islands. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was just right. Perfect weather for playing outside.

We did four hours of kayaking in a completely pristine part of the islands. The clear water was sparkling with turquoise blue. We visited secluded bays, white sand beaches and small caves. We even came across a shipwreck.

At noon, we boarded the boat again for a hearty lunch - a feast, I should say - of local specialties. I met a charming American couple from Chicago, Miguel and Lida. They were avid climbers and were eager to try out the climbing routes in the area.


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